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*update* :O [16 Oct 2003|01:33pm]
Uhhh... Why did I say I was going to update, and then I didn't update? ^^;; Silly me.

Anyway, I've bought a LOT of books recently, but I haven't been reading that many. Some nights I can't get enough to read, but other nights I just play video games until I fall asleep. I guess it's the whole "mindless" thing that comes with my depression. Playing Mario Party 4 is a lot less work than reading book.

Just yesterday I updated my 2003 reading list, and so far I've only read 17 books this year. SEVENTEEN! What a sad, pathetic little number. It's a personal goal to DOUBLE this list before the year is over. I'll be reading a lot in December. Since November is devoted to NaNoWriMo, I won't have time to read then. ;D

Every other month my father and I go to the library's book sale. All of the library get rid of books they don't need (too many copies? nobody checking them out? I don't know why), as well as people donating their used books. So, I went to that last weekend and came hom with a bunch of books:

The Amber Spyglass - Philip Pullman
Sick Puppy - Carl Hiassen
Observatory Mansions - Edward Carrey
The October Country - Ray Bradbury
A Map if the World - Jane Hamilton
The Kiss - Kathryn Harrison
Nearer Than the Sky - T. Greenwood

So far I've finished "The Kiss" which is a beautifully written memoir about a girl who meets the father who hasn't been in her life. They end up falling in "love" and have a very taboo relationship with eachother.

I've started reading "The October Country" which is a collection of short stories. I'm enjoying it so far. (: As for the rest, I haven't started them, but they each sound appealing in their own ways.

Since I posted this entry I have not only finished "Sabriel," but the two books which follow it: "Lirael," and "Abhorsen." And not only have I read them, but I have fallen deepy and madly in love with them. I'm very sad to find out that "Abhorsen" is the last book that will be wrtten in this series. It's such a pity. ): Nix writes in such a way that makes you crave more, more, more. So, be careful when reading these books that you don't devour them too fast. :P

And I also finished reading "The Subtle Knife," and still plan on reading "The Amber Spyglass," which, if you noticed above, I purchased at the book sale.

Ahhh... *thinks* OH YEAH! Lemony Snicket's tenth installment of A Series of Unfortunate Events came out last month, "The Slippery Slope." I, of course, bought it immediately. I just haven't really felt the urge to read it all that much. It's very simple and easy to read, as well as entertaining, I just don't know why I haven't wanted to read it. I started it, but only got about two chapters in before setting it down again.

As much of a Neil Gaiman advocate as I am, I have only recently picked up his and Terry Pratchett's book "Good Omens." But, like all my other books, it's been started but not finished. I'm about halfway, though, and it's the book I *plan* on finishing next. Wish me luck. lmfao. XD

That's all for now. (:
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[28 Sep 2003|12:09pm]
Wow, I haven't updated this is FOREVER! Haha, I guess I really am incredibly lazy. Shame on me. *smacks self*

Update coming soon. ;D
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[04 Jan 2003|05:56pm]
Yea, I actually DID go to the library two days ago, like I said I would. But, apparently, I'm too lazy to actually update this thing. I am so ashamed. Not.

Picked up "The Sorcerer's Companion," which is basically a book explaining the myths, creatures, and folklore which is presented in the Harry Potter series. Some of it I know, some of it I did not. But, if I REALLY had to know, I could have easily looked up all of this on the internet. Either way, it's an interesting book.

Also got:
Hunting the Last Wild Man by Angela Vallvey
Reading in the Dark by Seamus Deane
Having It & Eating It by Sabine Durrant

I also got two other books for school. Both are bipgraphies for our next book report. One is on Charles Lindburgh and the other is about Sitting Bull. Dunno which one I wanna read though. Hm.
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Mrrrf!! [02 Jan 2003|03:05pm]
In this post I talked about the books that I had recently acquired on a trip to the library.

Well, I finished those books. Well, I finished all of them excpet for Sabriel, which I am in the middle of reading right now.

Lullaby was actually the first book I finished in 2003. I finished it about... 12:05 last night/this morning. *shrugs*

It was a VERY good book, though. The end was a super-surprising twist that I wasn't expecting. *nods* I really enjoyed the book. Definitely a good read.

I read The Golden Compass and enjoyed it so much that I actually picked up the second book of the trilogy (the trilogy is His Dark Materials), called The Subtle Knife, which was just as good as the first book. I am now hoping to pick up the third installment, The Amber Spyglass. Very anxious to see what happens in the end.

Aaaand, as for Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas... I'm sure you can all guess. It's as smart, witty, funny, and sarcasticimus as the first two books. Georgia is my idol! :D!

Anywho, I plan on going to the library later today, and I'll update you all on what I pick up! ^__^
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2002 Booklist [02 Jan 2003|03:03pm]
Here is a list of book that I REMEMBER reading during the year of 2002 (are you happy, twig_tea!?):

The Hobbit- JRR Tolkien
The Two Towers- JRR Tolkien
The Golden Compass- Philip Pullman
The Subtle Knife- Philip Pullman
Clockwork- Phillip Pullman
Brave New Girl- Louisa Luna
Stargirl- Jerry Spinelli
Perks of Being a Wallflower- Stephen Chbosky
A Game of Thrones- George RR Martin
A Clash of Kings- George RR Martin
A Storm of Swords- George RR Martin
Lord of the Flies- William Golding
American Gods- Neil Gaiman
Neverwhere- Neil Gaiman
Stardust- Neil Gaiman
Coraline- Neil Gaiman
The Beasties- William Sleator
Catcher in the Rye- JD Salinger
Cut- Patricia McCormick
Kissing Dorknobs- Terry Spencer Hesser
Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging- Loiuse Rennison
On the Bright Side, I'm Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God- Loiuse Rennison
Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas- Loiuse Rennison
Witch Boy- Russel Moon
Angela's Ashes- Frank McCourt
Christ in Concrete- Pietro Di Donato
The Bad Beginning- Lemony Snicket
The Reptile Room- Lemony Snicket
The Wide Window- Lemony Snicket
The Miserable Mill- Lemony Snicket
The Austere Academy- Lemony Snicket
The Ersatz Elevator- Lemony Snicket
The Vile Villiage- Lemony Snicket
The Hostile Hospital- Lemony Snicket
The Carnivorous Carnival- Lemony Snicket
The Unauthorized Biography (A.K.A The Pony Party)- Lemony Snicket
The Iliad- Homer
Macbeth- Shakespeare
Ella Minnow Pea- Mark Dunn

I'm about 80% sure there are a LOT more books on this list. But, for the life of me, I can't think of them. I suppose that mans they weren't that great. Ah well. :P~
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Library [05 Dec 2002|07:30pm]
Just got back from a trip to the library. Pick up the following:

, by Garth Nix-
I originally picked this book up becuase of the the hot guy on the cover...which, upon further inspection after I got home, turned out to be a girl. :P~ The story sounds interesting, though. ^_^

The Golden Compass, by Phillip Pullman-
Again, sadly, the cover sold me. It completely adorable. I wouldn't have picked it up, until I saw the absolutely adorable mouse/gerbil/hampster thing on the cover. *sighs* I'm a sucker. :D

, by Chuck Palahniuk-
Ah. Shanny raves about him. been meaning to get some of his books, but the library never seemed to have any checked in. :D The did, and now I've got it! Yah!

Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas
, by Louise Renison-
Haha. I loved the first two books, so I couldn't pass up the chance to read the latest installment! I love Georgia! :D

Expect rambling about these books sometime in the future. Yeah! ^_^
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First (real) post! :D [05 Dec 2002|04:38pm]
Hmmm. The last book I read was Goblet of Fire. Actually, I re-read it. The last NEW book I read was A Series of Unfortuante events, book the ninth; The Carnivorous Carnival.

Goblet of Fire~~
This is definately my favorite book of the whole Harry Potter series. Not only is it the most intricate book, but it's also the most powerful. I cry alot, I admit, but not alot of BOOKS make me cry. This one did.

The ending just takes you for an amazing ride and doesn't let go. You feel so sad and empty when it's over. Not only becuase the book is over, but becuase of what happens IN the book, itself.

Also, this is a good read if you're an avid fan of Quidditch. This book is full of it.

A few new characters are introduced, which is nice.

Read it. You won't regret it.

A Series of Unfortuante Events: The Carnivorous Carnival~~
Just as good as all the others! It's not my favorite, but it's still very good! A different ending than what I had expected, though. *nods* Can't really say anything, though, cause It'd probably be something of a spoiler.

Hm... I wish there was more I could say about this book! But there's not really...

Read it, TOO! :D
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First post :O! [05 Dec 2002|04:17pm]
Yay, first post, first post!

Thanks to everyone who has added me. I'm suprised people actually wanna read about what I've read about. O_o

Don't you just love the colors? I inserted random letters and numbers and came up with this [beautiful, gorgeous, sexy] scheme. Yay, I rock! :D
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